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The Ultimate 2022 Guide to The Tor Browser

What is the Tor Browser?

Tor network, or Tor for short, is an open source project developed and maintained by a nonprofit organization.

It was originally called The Onion Router and was funded primarily by the U.S. federal government.

When you use the Tor Browser (Tor Browser), you access the Internet via Tor, where the data is encrypted and passed through a global network of access points or nodes, three of which are randomly selected as jumping off points, allowing you to change your IP address three times before you reach the site you want to visit.

The best part of the whole process is that it is completely anonymous and the last exit node has no way of knowing who you are. If you send your name and email address to a correspondent during the process, your real identity can still be leaked.

Is The Tor Browser Safe?

Tor strengthens your online privacy, but it won’t protect you from all the dangers of the internet. While browsing the web with Tor is a much safer option than with no protection, Tor is not 100% secure When traffic passes through Tor nodes, it has to be decrypted before reaching the open internet.

Is the Tor browser legal?

Using Tor browser is legal in most of the countries. Actually, the basic purpose of the Tor is anonymity and anonymity is not illegal in any single country. But browsing illegal content such as Drugs, Child pornography or we can say that browsing deep web content can put you in trouble. Because deep web contains huge illegal content.

Tor disadvantages?

Difficult to Shut Down

The government or any other organization cannot shut down the Tor network easily since it is being operated by volunteers only.

Hides Your IP Address

Your real IP address is well hidden because your request goes through multiple layers before reaching its destination. Each layer or node won’t know your IP address.

Free to Use

The Tor browser can be downloaded for free, and its network is free of charge as well.

Bypass Geographical Restrictions

Since you real IP address is hidden, you can bypass geographical restrictions and unblock contents that are otherwise inaccessible in your location.

Tor isadvantages?

Slow Connection

Tor’s main disadvantage is its slower connection speeds. Tor anonymizes and protects your data traffic quite well — however, to do this, Tor guides your traffic through at least three external servers spread out over the world. This slows down your connection quite a bit.

Security Limited Only to Tor Browser

The security that the Tor network provides can only be used while using the Tor browser or applications that have a built in Tor access. This means that not all applications that you use on your computer can be protected by the Tor network.


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